The History of Wandsworth Common

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27 Bellevue Rd [Sainsbury's Local takes up 27-29]

JP (2017, e.2020):

On the corner of Wiseton Rd were originally two houses, which were demolished in 1915 to make room for the National Provincial Bank, later Natwest. When the bank closed the branch [approx date?] it became a branch of the Est Est Est restaurant chain for a while, and then another restaurant, Piccolino, before opening as a Sainsbury's Local.

Behind the bank on the right in Wiseton Rd [i.e. the Trinity Rd side] was Miller's slaughterhouse.

[PB: I recall that when the bank was transformed into a restaurant, everybody was amazed by the innovative use of immense seamless glass panels to create an external conservatory area by enveloping the arches of the old exterior walls. (This remains there today in the Sainsbury incarnation, but with nothing like the same visual impact. This is largely because the bottom metre or so of glass is now covered by an old map of part of Bellevue.)

The glassed-in area created a fine area for diners to see out over Bellevue and the Common, and for outsiders to see in. As a result, when it opened [approx. date?] you had to book weeks in advance to get a table in the window.

Sadly, the company made the mistake of handing out wax crayons, which meant the rather fine stone surfaces, so recently cleaned, were soon covered in a thick waxy scrawl up to the height of about 2 metres. I was told that this layer proved very difficult even for specialist cleaners to deal with.]

Which was the butcher's shop - was it 28?

The slaughterhouse in Wiseton Rd, with a shop front on Bellevue Rd? Number?


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29 Bellevue Rd [Sainsbury's Local takes up 27-29]

JP (2017, e.2020):

This was a children's dressmaker until 1940, when it became The Wool Shop, selling knitting wool and other items to do with sewing and knitting. It was then incorporated into Sainsbury's Local.

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