The History of Wandsworth Common

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17 Bellevue Rd [Oliver Contemporary Art Gallery]

Churzee Cottage, 1866

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[Find and add info about the Churzee Gallery, which preceded Oliver Contemporary. It was set up by an artist, Cheryl Howeld, who lived next door, at no.18.

From Cheryl Howeld's website [2020]:

"Cheryl Howeld trained at Hornsey Art School in London in the early sixties. She went from there to being a regular exhibitor in the Mall Galleries and other galleries both in London and in the States. In 1988 she opened her own gallery beside her studio at Wandsworth Common. The Churzee Studio Gallery showed her own work alongside established and emerging artists, both English and International. Her artistic relationship with a group of Russian artists meant that Russian art was regularly shown...In 2016 Cheryl moved to Arundel, West Sussex."

[Source: (accessed 20.02.2020).]

[There's a date high on the building - 1866. Photograph and add.]

< 16 Bellevue Rd

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