The History of Wandsworth Common

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35 Bellevue Rd

(originally the Surrey Tavern, now Brinkley's Kitchen)

Surrey Tavern and Bellevue Rd, c.1910?

[The Surrey Tavern - once 35 Bellevue Rd, has also been numbered 172 Trinity Rd [1871?) and is now officially 226 Trinity Rd. It was built around 1864 and closed as a pub in 2005. Notice the red brick on Trinity Rd side, that is now widely believed to have been re-used after the demolition of the Craig Telescope. This hypothesis, proposed by Greg Smye Rumsby in his superb website devoted to the Craig Telescope, has become a nice urban myth - the extension is early C21.

See e.g elsewhere on this website — Surrey Tavern — for evidence.]

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Panels from Jennifer Penny's original U3L presentation in 2017

Three panels from Jennifer Penny's original U3L presentation in 2017. Naturally she wanted to take her photographs from the same position as the early-C20 originals, but feared for her life.

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This pub has sometimes been numbered as if on Trinity Road at no.172, as in the image above, rather than 35 Bellevue. For example, during WWII, the number 35 was given to the first of thirty or more Bellevue Prefabs.

35 Bellevue Rd

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