The History of Wandsworth Common


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Vicar of Dibley - The Great Storm

First shown BBC, 1 December 1994.

Owen Newitt and Jim Trott are waiting in the Vestry for a meeting to begin.

Owen: Filthy weather!

Jim: No, no, no, no, no, I've known worse.

Owen: Oh yes? When was that then?

Jim: The Great Storm. When the windmill got blown over.

Owen: That wasn't The Great Storm, that was a moderately windy night!

No, the really great storm was... The Great Storm.

Jim: When was that?

Owen: When Dave Batt got decapitated.

Jim: That wasn't the Great Storm!

Owen: Well, it was pretty damn great!

Jim: No, the greatest storm was the one when Old Harold got blown into the quarry.

Owen: Ooh, that! The Great Winds.

Jim: The what?

Owen: The Great Storm — there's got to be rain. And in the Great Winds there was just wind.

[Letitia enters.]

Letitia: Nasty night. It reminds me of the Great Storm.

Owen Newitt, Jim: SHUT UP!

And so on, including reminiscences about the Great Snow, the Great Frost of '54, the Great Freeze of '48 — culminating in David Horton: "Well, I'm about the die in the Great Bore of '94."